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Reflexology may help with conditions such as:
*pre labour
*mens hormonal imbalance
*depression and anxiety
* Allergies
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Back Problems
* Blood Pressure
* Bowel Disorders
* Constipation
* Eczema
* Frozen Shoulder/stiff neck
* Gynecological Disorders
* Hay Fever
*Fibromyalgia symptoms
* Insomnia
* Knee Problems/Hip Problems
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Muscle Tension
* Neck Problems
* PMS/Hormonal Problems
* Respiratory Problems
* Sinusitis
* Stress Disorders
* Thyroid Disorders
*Sciatica/Back Pains

Fertility Reflexology HELPS WITH CONDITIONS LIKE:- Imbalanced hormones, Stress and Anxiety pcos(polycystic Ovary Syndrome) During Pregnancy( Morning sickness, low back pain, pelvic pain, heartburn, odema, blood pressure, insomnia) Pre-Labour (induce labour safe and relaxing way) Post Labour Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries, Hormonal Disorders. FOR MEN:- Prostate issues Low hormonal. Menopause symptoms. Safe and Relaxing during the IVF.

BENEFITS OF REFLEXOLGY:- 💙 improve circulation 💚 stress related conditions 💛 regulate sleeping pattern 💜 boost the immune stystem ❤ general well-being

Pregnancy Reflexology can help during all three trimesters with morning sickness, pelvic pain, swelling, heartburn, tiredness, back pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, constipation, cramp, insomnia. Regular treatments can also encourage a quicker and less painful labour.

I am Qualified Reflexologist based in Potters Bar. I specialise in Fertility,Pregnancy and Labour Reflexology and Spinal Reflexology. I have more experience and knowledge in this therapy and always hope to make my clients feel better after a session. I respect my clients individual needs and always put them first. I myself had problems conceiving, and tried reflexology and after a few sessions, I fell pregnant.

I have had a lot of successes in treating many clients(Male and Female) with various conditions like Sciatica pains, Colitis, MS, ME, PCOS etc, and i have helped many women to make their dream come true and they have had successful and healthy pregnancies and given birth to healthy babies. Reflexology is very safe during Pregnancy and also helps with labour.

I research a lot to improve my knowledge and understanding of this therapy and the conditions it may help and I regularly attend seminars and workshops to broaden my knowledge and advance in this therapy.

I believe in reflexology and i believe it will help you.
Reflexology is very safe and non-invasive way of healing
I am a member of the federation of holistic therapies

Why not give reflexology a try and see if it can help you...

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Reflexologist near to Barnet, Enfield, Brookmans Park, Northaw, Cuffley, Welham Green, South Mimms.

I’ve been visiting Darshna Maroo for a number of years now. She has been my Reflexologist through out all 3 of my pregnancies. With my 3rd pregnancy, for medical reasons I was due for induction. I wasn’t so keen on the intervention although I accepted it was advised by the consultants. Darshna Maroo understood my concerns. I was worried that one intervention would lead to another and another.
I was Particularly worried about having to have an emergency c-section. As I approached my induction date, I increased my treatments to 2x per week. Darshna Maroo slowly began the induction via reflexology and worked with my body so that I could have a spontaneous labour. Thankfully it worked so I am pleased to say that I had a peaceful birth and both my son and I are doing very well. My recovery has been speedy and my baby is so happy and content. I firmly believe this is due to Mrs Maroos regular treatments from the early stages of my pregnancy until the end. I would highly recommend her.
Thank you Mrs Darshna Maroo for all your help.

Have had 3 sessions to help with my Arthritis in back & feet & started to feel the benefits! ..my feet had terrible pain & stiffness for last 3weeks with weather changing & had a reflexology session with Darshna Maroo earlier this week & for the last 5days since they feel so much better & pain free! Many thanx Darshna! x

I can wholeheartedly recommend reflexology with Mrs Maroo. I started when struggling to conceive our first child. Reflexology helped us where medical options failed. We had a round of IVF which failed but then conceived naturally and had a beautiful little boy. Two and a half years later and we’ve just had our second child, a gorgeous little girl. Reflexology helped me manage my stress levels and energy levels before, during and after pregnancy. I felt much better after each session and of course now have 2 fabulous children. Thanks Mrs Maroo xx

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