I specialise in fertility Reflexology and Pregnancy and Labour Reflexology.
I have many years experience in Infertility Reflexology and have had a lot of successes. I also concieved naturally with the help of few sessions of Fertility Reflexology and had a very healthy pregnancy.

I believe in Reflexology and i believe in helping all those women who have these issues
I myself have also conceived with the help of reflexology.

Fertility Reflexology is very safe and gentle and non invasive.

Why try Fertility Reflexology?

Are you struggling to conceive? This can be an extremely stressful time for you and your partner and it can be emotionally draining whilst placing strain upon relationships. There can be many different causes such as age, diet and life style, and hormonal imbalances but stress is a major factor.

Fertility Reflexology is an extremely relaxing treatment which may help to reduce emotional stress and anxiety.

Regular treatments may encourage the body to restore its natural balance which is important in terms of encouraging ovulation and conception. Fertility Reflexology may also help to reduce stress and anxiety in relation to assisted conception procedures such as IVF.Fertility Reflexology is very safe and non invasive.

Reflexology is very safe during IVF Treatments.

Improves and balance the hormonal environment for conception,
Improves circulation,
Balances nervous system, Reduces anxiety levels,
Balanced emotional state,
Enrich blood supply to the reproductive organs and glands,
Relieves obstruction or blockages to conception.

Male fertility conditions that may respond well to Reflexology
Infected semen
Low sperm count
Decreased sperm mobility
Fluid retention around the testicular area
Prostate gland problems
After effects of testicular cancer/ surgery
Low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism)

Some drugs such as for Crohns or rheumatoid arthritis can affect fertility.  Reflexology has some great results in helping many of these illnesses which could result in less dependency on the drugs and therefore improved male fertility. See details of diseases reflexology may help.

Statistics show male infertility is affects around 25% of sub fertility cases. Reflexology may help male infertility by re-balancing the body in the same was as it would for a female.  

The reproductive system depends on a range of hormones working together, and is a system which depends on a fine balance and can be easily disturbed. For example, Ovarian cysts and poly cystic ovaries are usually caused by hormone dysfunctions.

Stress can also cause a disruption in the menstrual cycle and can often make conceiving more difficult, often a vicious circle occurs when it becomes difficult to tell if the stress is caused by or is causing the problems conceiving.

When ovulation occurs many women can experience ovulation pain, and interestingly reflexology can pick up on this sensitivity in the ovary (as it can with other parts of the body that are inflamed, congested or tense). If ovulation is occurring from the right ovary pain will be felt in the corresponding areas of the foot, the same applies for the left ovary.

Reflexology has become well known for helping with conception and other menstrual cycle issues, such as menstrual pain and menopause (see Reflexology and Menstrual pain and Reflexology and Menopause for further information

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